Amazing Show

Experimenting with graphic and typography to extract aesthetic from local elements, shaping a representative contemporary Taiwanese indie band

The logotype of Amazing Show, Inspired by the signage typography commonly seen in early hair salons in southern Taiwan.
From 2016 to 2017, I co-founded Amazing Show (美秀集團) and served as the drummer. And since then, I have been the art director & designer, creating identity, campaigns, gig posters and album packaging for the band. Amazing Show creates music in Taiwanese language and integrates homemade musical installations, constantly exploring themes of pursuit of the ultimate and sensory liberation in their compositions. Drawing inspiration from various elements of southern Taiwanese local culture, I transform them into a distinctive visual vocabulary, creating a strong aesthetic for the band. "Today, Amazing Show is one of Taiwan's most iconic indie bands, with a significant following in the global Mandarin-speaking market.


The visual of Amazing Show’s first gig, the colour and typography style convey the auspicious and welcoming meanings, much like traditional Lunar New Year couplets in Taiwan.

Album Packaging – Sound Check, (2019 Version)

Album Packaging – Sound Check (Remastered)

Album Packaging – Lovers, Folks, Tales

Gig Posters

Art Director & Designer: Wei Lee
Client: Amazing Show
Year: 2016 – Present