Chiayi Youth Festival

Reimagining city landmarks through creative coding, crafting a fresh visual identity for the city's annual cultural celebration

Chiayi Youth Festival is a large-scale cultural celebration organized by the Chiayi City Government, focusing on gathering young talents. The event features music performances, entrepreneur market and lectures.

To embody the concept of injecting new energy into a city steeped in history and to showcase the festive atmosphere of the event happening in every corner of the city, we captured familiar landmarks of Chiayi, such as the Central Roundabout, Cheng Huang Temple, Railway Station, Art Museum and Old Prison and more. We then developed a customised generative programme using p5.js for its visual identity. Through algorithms incorporating random pixel glitches, we created an experimental visual identity atop familiar landscapes.

Cheng Huang Temple
Railway Station
Central Plaza
Old Prison

Art Direction & Graphic Design: Wei Lee
Creative Coding: Wei Lee
Creative Strategy: Wei-Ting Ma

Production: studio ordinary
Photography: Ricardo

Client: Chiayi City Government