Formula Chiayi

Exploring geometric shapes to symbolizing the continual growth and diverse cultural energy of the city

Formula Chiayi is a series of local revitalization events organized by the Chiayi City Government. The event comprises three main branches: the first is the Folklore branch, featuring theatrical performances in traditional markets; the second is the Cuisine branch, focusing on the development of city-exclusive flavoured coffees; and finally, the Local Writing branch, hosting literary lectures and writing workshops in independent bookstores. We were commissioned to create a comprehensive visual identity system that maintains consistency whether promoting each branch separately or collectively.

Formula 1 – Folklore
Formula 2 – Cuisine
Formula 3 – Local Writing

In Mandarin, Chiayi sounds similar to +1. The continual accumulation of +1 signifies the ongoing innovation of local talents and the interplay of new and old elements, forming the equation unique to Chiayi. We adopted 'Stacking and Expansion' as the core visual concept, creating distinct graphics for each of the three branches. For the Folklore branch, the concept draws from the rising smoke in temples as incense burns slowly. For the Cuisine branch, the concept reflects the ripples created by brewing coffee on the water's surface. Finally, for the Local Writing branch, the concept revolves around stacked books and papers.

Formula Chiayi has been selected for 2022 SDA Taiwan Design BEST100, and awarded the Golden Pin Design Award 2023 Design Mark.

Art Direction & Graphic Design: Wei Lee
Creative Strategy: Wei-Ting Ma

Production: studio ordinary
Client: Chiayi City Government

2022 SDA Taiwan Design BEST100
2023 Golden Pin Design Award Design Mark