Good Finance

Combining Hanzi and imagery to create a human-centric financial brand identity

Good Finance, formerly Ta Ching Securities, is an OTC-listed company with a history of over 30 years. Following the arrival of new management recently, it partnered with JL Design for a comprehensive rebrand. I worked closely with Art Director, participating from concept ideation, identity design to presentations.

We defined the core value of the brand as 'Putting People First, Carrying Ideals and Safeguarding Beauty' and developed the visual identity based on this principle. We first created basic geometric elements of strokes and dots to construct the logomark, as well as various human postures in motion graphics and illustrations. The Hanzi character 美 (měi), the first character of the brand name, serves as the outline, with a pair of hands representing carrying ideals in the upper half and the character 人 (rén) meaning 'people' in the lower half forming the logo.

Good Finance is a project by JL Design and Good Finance Brand Department 

JL Design
Creative Director: Johan Tsai
Art Director: Kevin Chien
Designers: Wei Lee, Kelsie Chan
Project Manager: Yung Hui Chu
Project Assistant: Susan Cheng

Good Finance Brand Department 
Chief Brand Officer: Johnason Lo
Designers: Limi Chiang, Ting Su, Hilda Huang, Meng Jye Lee

Client: Good Finance