KKBOX Music Awards

Transforming Data into Musical Narratives

The KKBOX Music Awards, hosted by the music streaming platform KKBOX, is one of the most anticipated annual pop music award ceremonies in Asia. The awards are based on statistical records of plays on its platform. JL Design has been trusted with crafting the programme's visual packaging, showcasing how individual clicks in the era of social media transcend temporal and geographical boundaries, connecting a unique music community in the digital world.

Working closely with the creative director and art director, I was primarily responsible for the visual identity. Additionally, I had the privilege of composing the theme music for the programme's title animation.

© JL Design

© JL Design

KKBOX Music Awards is a project by JL Design

Client: KKBOX

Creative Agency: JL Design
Executive Producer: Angela Moo
Head of Project Management: Chia Ying Tsai
Creative Director: Johan Tsai, Lance Wei
Art Director: Hsiang Ju Hung
Project Manager: Ryan Lin, Anne Hung
Project Assistant: Berry Cheng
Copywriter: Kyte Lin
Key Visual Design: Wei Lee, Frank Weng, Amber Lee
Motion Design: Ben Liao, Junde Lin

Art Director: Hank Chen, Kyle Jhuang
Motion Design: Hank Chen, Kyle Jhuang, Kevin Lo, Ping Yen Lin, Yung Hao Chiang

Key Visual Photo Shooting
Photographer: Kaii Chiang
Assistant Photographer: Huang Ting Yun, Liao Chih Ting
Production: Future Tense Integral Visuals|Echo Lee
Production Coordinator: Future Tense Integral Visuals|Chih Yen Hsu
Production Assistant: Future Tense Integral Visuals| Yu Ting Lin, Yi Zhen Lu
Makeup & Hair Stylist: Leo Hsieh
Assistant Makeup & Hair Stylist: Du
Stylist: Mikaaaaatang
Models: Min Wu, Leo Hsieh, Ying Han Wang, Yu Ting Lin

《Our Voice #就是我們》
Producer: Dennis Chang
Composer: Wei Lee